MEGA pipeline and related structures

The MEGA pipeline is a gravity conduit to convey the treated industrial effluent discharge from CETPs of Various industrial clusters. The MEGA line effluent discharged into terminal pumping station at Pirana and ultimately discharges in to the Sabarmati River. Presently, Operation & Maintenance of CETPs is being carried out by each Industrial Association under their own fund but Operation & Maintenance of MEGA line is only taken care when havoc happens. The terminal Pumping station at Pirana is not being taken care by the Industries or GIDC, hence AMC has to maintain the same at AMC cost.

Executive Team:

To make the SPV fully functional, it’s important to create its executive cadre under leadership of CEO. As decided in the recent meeting headed by the ACS, Industries, Chief Engineer of the GIDC has been appointed as CEO of the SPV similarly Mr. Dipak Dawda from Industries has been appointed as Joint CEO. Now, this team needs very good hands for day to day works directly under Joint CEO as advised by the CEO to fulfill the objective of the SPV.

  • 1. Chief Executive Officer :

    Look after overall work managements and to fulfill objectives of the SPV and to implement decisions taken by the SPV and instructions from the Chairperson of the SPV. To arrange finance from all stakeholders and to Co-ordinations with all concerned Govt & Semi Govt Deptts and also Industries. Plan and take up necessary projects/works etc for future need and requirement. Brief the Chairman and SPV for the important issues and future requirements.

  • 2. Jt. Chief Executive Officer :

    To plan and manage implementation project program and report to CEO regarding the work progress and work related issues. Fixing required agencies for the work, after appropriate approvals. Regular follow-up of routine works & operations, statutory requirements, co-ordination with various agencies, Departments and Industrial associations.

  • 3. Manager (Technical) for O&M. :

    To look after onsite O&M for Mega line and related system/ pumping etc. To decide the O & M works requirement and arrange to execute the work on site. Daily reporting to Higher Authority and liasioning with Govt. & Semi Govt. Deptts & Industrial Associations as instructed by the CEO/Jt CEO. To get the quality works and to recommend payments of the agencies as per required works done.

  • 4. Assistant Manager (Tech) :

    To look after day to day functioning of Mega line and related system. Arrangements to execute the Megaline and related structure breakdown immediately along with co-ordination to industrial Association, GPCB and AMC for industries closure, flow diversion etc. Reporting to higher Authority regarding wok progress & issues etc. To check contractor/ Agency bill before payment.

  • 5. Field Supervisor :

    To execute work on site as per the instruction of higher Authority. To supervise daily operations and work with quality and report to the higher authority regarding progress and hindrances if any. Works / Operations record keeping, quality control and to initiate procedure for payment of acceptable work done with due certification. Co-ordinate with Agencies, Industrial Association & other departments during the work execution as per requirements.

  • 6. Environment Engineer :

    To frame daily effluent monitoring schedule format as per expected norms. Arrange system to take daily samples of effluent and prepare report after analyzing the samples. Report to higher authority along with the concern Govt & Semi Govt deptts & Industrial Association for further actions. Daily monitoring of Effluent Quantity & Quality at Source, in MEGAline and at ultimate disposal point.

  • 7. Asst Env. Engineer/Lab technician :

    To take samples of Effluent from Each CETP and other required location. To Analyze daily sample in Laboratory and prepare report for further action. Daily reporting to the Environmental Engineer.

  • 8. Asst. Manager (Finance) :

    To act as a Chief Finance Officer for the company. To plan for the finance resources, Book keeping, Taxation, Budget allocation and payment as per the requirement of the project/SPV. To take consent from the appropriate authority regarding financial requirements. Reporting to the higher authority regarding the expenses, cash flow, balance sheet. To explore possibilities with various Govt. departments for funding of various projects and co-ordination for the same.

  • 9. Clerk / Office assistant. :

    To submit the corresponded to the different dept and maintain records for the same in Register. Arrange for required stationeries for office works by taking appropriate authority consent. Typing, printing, scanning work. To obey all office instructions given by higher authority.